Change what you put in
your mind &
your stomach
and you will have
changed your world!

Dr Arun Dhir
Gastro Intestinal Surgeon, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, Wellness Advocate


Unlock Your Mindpower

The human mind is nature’s most amazing creation. It has been said- “Whatever a mind can conceive and believe –the mind can achieve”. Unlocking your Mindpower programme will arm you with strategies to harness the true potential of your mind, which can translate to success in any area of your life…Read on

Stress Less Programme

“A wandering mind is an unhappy mind” Our ‘reactions’ to our daily circumstances and worrying about the past or the future lead to harmful stress. The practice of Mindfulness is based on “living in the moment”. Experience the refreshing feeling it creates with a healthier mind body connection.

Gut Wellness Programme

“All disease begins in the gut – Hippocrates”. The Human Gut is not only an organ for digestion but is home to trillions of friendly microbes. This vast ecosystem of microbes is vital in determining our health. Our Gut Wellness Programme provides a practical application of this cutting edge science.

Change Your Cancer Story

It is said that longer your waist line, shorter your life line. Our revolutionary weight management programme uses the power of surgical and non-surgical options for achieving lasting weight loss-helping you achieve and maintain your healthy weight.

Our Philosophy

Dr Arun Dhir’s philosophy is to help individuals create TRUE wealth by achieving sound physical and mental health. DISCOVER the amazing power that lies within each one of us to achieve lasting health, which will EMPOWER you with this awareness allowing PROSPERITY to flow into your life in true sense.

Dr Arun Dhir and Team

Dr Arun Dhir

Gastro Intestinal Surgeon, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher and Wellness Advocate

Dr Arun Dhir is Gastro Intestinal Surgeon and is the Director at Melbourne Gastro Surgery and Success with Harmony. He holds seminars and one-on-one consultations, that enable individuals to master mindfulness, combat stress and equip oneself with the tools to bring about a healthy GUT BRAIN connection.

Dr Anil Asthana

Gastroenterologist and Heaptologist

Dr Anil Asthana is a specialist Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist at the Alfred Hospital. Dr Asthana has a deep understanding on how the mind influences our gut health and utilizes this knowledge in a creative and sensitive manner in his practice.

Dr Kevin Lee

Endocrinologist and Mindfulness Expert

Dr. Kevin Lee has been a practitioner of mindfulness for many years now. As a busy practicing Endocrinologist, Dr. Lee incorporates the practice of mindfulness in his dealings with his patients, in a compassionate and caring manner. You only have to speak to his clients, who are a testimony to his effective teaching style and a calm demeanour.

Rakesh Singh

IT Consultant, Engineer and “Our Champion of Wellness”

Happy Gut Healthy Weight book by Dr Arun Dhir

Discover how a happy gut holds the key to achieving and maintaining your healthy weight. Read more here. “Happy Gut, Healthy Weight” by Dr Arun Dhir is now available on Amazon and book stores.

Happy Gut, Healthy Weight


You cannot change your
destination overnight
but you can change your

– Jim Rohin


Change is inevitable
– however
personal growth is a

Bob Proctor


Its never too late
to be what
you might have been

– George Eliot

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