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Nothing in this world happens by chance. I would often be at loss to explain when my patients asked me why they got struck by cancer, why did they get a particular disease or for that matter a complication of a procedure…surely, I believed that everything happened for a reason, but I did not have the courage or the conviction to tell this to my patients. Based on my medical knowledge, I would come up with possible reasons for the events – but these were answers that were never very convincing to me.

Contrary to modern medical teaching, I was convinced that we don’t fall sick, we put ourselves into a state until we become sick.

My enquiry into the subject of “Mind over Matter” has led me on a journey that continues to unfold the amazing potential of the human mind. The power of the human mind and its ability to influence and create the physical world around each one of us is truly fascinating.

Success with Harmony is an attempt to present the amazing influence our mind has, on the world we create for ourselves. This includes every aspect of our being, including the area of our health.

My work as a surgeon might make it seem that I deal with only the physical aspects of disease, however this knowledge has helped me arm my clients with a unique tool which helps with their “inner healing”- a factor which can have the most powerful influence on outcomes. By being in harmony with ourselves and our surrounds, each one of us can experience success in whatever we do – for the common denominator of success in any field is “being happy in the moment”.  I look forward to sharing the road with you on this journey.

To your Success with Harmony!!

Dr Arun Dhir

Arun Dhir

Dr Arun Dhir, is an Upper Gastro Intestinal Surgeon and a Senior Lecturer in Surgery at Monash University. Dr Dhir is a firm believer of an Integerative approach to healing which he incorporates in his practice. He is a member of Australian College of Environmental and Nutrition Medicine (ACNEM) and a certified Yoga & Mindfulness teacher with Yoga Australia.

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