Change Your Cancer Story

12-Step program for restoring health and healing when faced with a cancer diagnosis.

In the early 1900’s, infections were the number one killer in the human society.. plague, tuberculosis, syphilis, typhoid and staph infections caused the highest mortality. The advent of antibiotics and vaccines slowly got the better of these infectious diseases…. Fast forward a century, the number one killers in our society today are not infections.

They are the BIG 4:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Obesity
  • Cancer

While bugs may be implicated in some rare cancers, generally speaking the “BIG 4” have just one thing in common –


Talking about cancers in specific, “One out of every 3 men and one in every 2 women are going to be diagnosed with Cancer in their lifetime”. A staggering number and a risk to our future.

What is even more shocking is the number one cause of death in kids today is not trauma – rather CANCER!

“Cancer is not Native to Humans”

Cancer has not been native to human beings. Our bodies have the ability to heal and self regulate. We have an amazing immune system, that can kill these “deregulated cells”. However, if the immune system is weak (such as in AIDS or after Transplant) these cancer cells take over and manifest overt symptoms.

Dear Friends, modern medicine, by way of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy can target the physical disease, however if we don’t address the “soil” in which these cancer cells have “sprouted”, we will never be able to win our battle against cancer.

When the environment we provide to our body becomes toxic, we start to see diseases like cancer. When I say “toxic environment” it’s not just the air we breath. The toxin or the poison I am referring to is the one that we put in our mouth ”Processed Foods” and the one that brews in our mind “Stress”.

Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food – 431 BC


Father of Medicine

One Patient’s Story

Meet Brian who never smoked or drank heavy and was shocked to find that he had esophageal cancer in 2012. He underwent chemotherapy and radiation followed by major esophageal surgery to remove cancer and associated lymph glands.

Brian made a remarkable recovery from his surgery and is completely cancer free for 4 years after his operation. The pathologists struggled to find cancer cells in the removed portion of his oesophagus and lymph glands.

Brian is a minister in the church, always smiling and his favourite mantra is “Praise the Lord”. He personifies the “Attitude of Gratitude”

Was Brian’s attitude the reason for his amazing outcome with a diagnosis as dreaded as cancer?

Brian with his Surgeon Dr Arun Dhir, after his Esophageal Cancer Surgery

Is Cancer a Mental Disease?

It may be overlooked that mental health may seem to be of little significance in cancer treatment, however, in a well structured study done on women with breast cancers, it was found that women with history of depression had 2.5 times higher risk of cancer recurrence when compared with mentally healthy women. Stress, guilt and anger suppressed over a prolonged period of time is toxic and adversely affects our immune system.

Association between depressive disorders and risk of breast cancer recurrence after curative surgery. Shaw-Ji Chen, MD, MSc,a,b,c Chun-Hung Chang, MD, MSc,d,e,f Kuang-Chi Chen, PhD,c and Chieh-Yu Liu, PhDg,


A 12-Step program for restoring health and healing when faced with a cancer diagnosis

Programme Outline

Step 1: What is Your Excuse: Why are You Here Today?

Step 2: As Within – So Without. Your Inner Garden of Health or Disease

Step 3: Repair Do Dot Despair: First Do No Harm

Step 4: Four Pillars of Health. #1 Mindset – If the Attitude is Right, Facts Do Not Matter

Step 5: Four Pillars of Health. #2 Soul Set – Meaning and Purpose of Life

Step 6: Four Pillars of Health. #3 Heart Set – Emotions and Disease – Channelling Your Body’s Energy

Step 7: Four Pillars of Health. #4 Body Set – Exercise and Breath Control

Step 8: Meditation and Healing

Step 9: Detoxify to Purify: Power of Detoxifying, Fasting and Massage

Step 10: Mindfulness, Creative Time and Green Space Time

Step 11: Diet, Gut Inflammation, Bugs and Cancer Healing

Step 12: The Success Routine: Summing-Up the Anti-Cancer Lifestyle

Your Invitation to Event – 15 & 16 June 2019, 9am to 3pm each day.

Speakers: Dr Arun Dhir, Jeremy Limpens and Samantha Rennie.

Venue: Warringal Private Hospital, Heidelberg.

Cost: Free.

RSVP: Prior registration is compulsory. Please read the event information to ensure this programme is suitable for you.

Refreshments: Light working lunch will be provided.

Warringal Hospital (Ramsay Health) do not partake or endorse the content of this program, which remains the sole intellectual property of the speakers. Neither Warringal hospital nor the speakers will, in no shape or form, be liable for any undesirable outcomes or damages arising out of your attendance.

About the Programme Organiser

Author “Happy Gut, Healthy Weight”

Dr Arun Dhir, Surgeon, Author, Health and Wellness Advocate has been a long-time student of the mind-body connection. He is a certified Yoga coach, Meditation teacher and a Bio-Energy healer. He has practised mainstream medicine as a gastrointestinal and a weight loss surgeon for over 2 ½ decades and continues to do so.

Dr Arun has surgically treated gastric and oesophageal cancers in a tertiary hospital setting and is well versed with the physical and emotional challenges that come with a new diagnosis of cancer besides the pain of enduring the treatment along with its associated side effects.

More importantly, he understands the need for a well rounded, holistic and an integrative approach to conquering this dreaded disease. Anyone who has met or heard Dr Arun will attest to the passion and empathy Dr Arun holds towards anyone suffering with a cancer diagnosis.

Is this programme for me?

This program is for you if:

  • You or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer regardless of the stage
  • You wish to explore a program that incorporates an integrated/holistic approach to provide the most optimal circumstances for the body to heal.
  • You understand that this program does not provide a license to immortality or miracle cure.
  • You are prepared to discuss the information from this programme with your treating specialists and family physician.
  • You understand that the results from this program will depend on the commitment and the resolve with which the information is applied.

Disclaimer: When it comes to field of biology, life sciences and healing, results can never be guaranteed. The above program is not intended to replace conventional treatment that you may be undergoing under the guidance of your medical team. While miracles are possible, they can never be guaranteed. While we hope that the participants of this program will benefit from applying the information provided along with their conventional cancer treatment, due to the nature of the surgical / medical treatment and multiple variables involved, it would be impossible to guarantee outcomes.