The Gut Healing Workshop

with ND Daniel Cerny & Dr Arun Dhir.

5-7 November 2021

$149 per person – Reserve your spot today!

Gut Health Event Cover
  • Led by naturopathic doctor and mindfulness expert, Daniel Cerny, and gastrointestinal surgeon, yoga and meditation teacher, Dr Arun Dhir.
  • 8 hours of integrative medicine content over 3 days – Friday night, Saturday & Sunday afternoon PLUS optional morning Yoga, Breathwork, QiGong & Meditation practices. Click here to view the workshop schedule.
  • Complimentary Diagnostic Testing for all participants
  • 14-day access to recorded content
  • FREE eBook: Happy Gut, Healthy Weight by Dr Arun Dhir

What does this Gut Healing Workshop include?

Conveniently spaced over 3 days, this Gut Healing online workshop includes 8 hours of integrative medicine teachings, delivered by naturopathic doctor and mindfulness expert, Daniel Cerny, and gastrointestinal surgeon, yoga and meditation teacher, Dr Arun Dhir.

Balanced gut function is essential for optimal health and wellbeing. In addition to proper digestion, nutrient absorption and healthy elimination, gut health contributes to other essential processes in the body including immunity, energy production, metabolism and hormone production.

Daniel and Arun’s Gut Healing program uses a highly effective combination of modern diagnostic tools, lifestyle interventions and time-honored mind-body practices to rebalance and support your gut, so you can reclaim and maintain optimal wellness.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn about the direct link between gut health, immune function and general health and wellbeing
  • Uncover the hidden lifestyle stressors that can lead to gut dysfunction
  • Discover your current gut microbiome profile and identify any imbalances that require attention (complimentary diagnostic testing included in workshop fee)
  • Gain expert insights and recommendations, so you can make informed and beneficial choices
  • Initiate your personalised gut healing plan
  • Explore mind-body practices to integrate and prioritise the ‘5 pillars of wellness’ in your life: mind, body, gut, heart and soul
  • Understand how to access your body’s own ability to reset and recalibrate itself
  • Develop strategies to effectively manage stress and maintain mental and emotional balance
  • Learn about the therapeutic use of ‘Food as Medicine’
  • Be inspired to heal and thrive!

“Thank you Dr Arun, for the session this morning. We loved all of it. Your presentation and delivery of the information is really second to none. It’s presented in an uncomplicated way that people can relate – it’s compelling – and a great mix of resources referenced. Debbie and I are very grateful that you have come into our lives.”

Pete and Deb

Adelaide, South Australia

“Daniel is extremely knowledgeable with his approach to health. He instils confidence and support and conveys information in an easy and clear way to improve one’s health. He is a very compassionate man, using mindfulness meditation techniques, humour and a sincere holistic approach to great health. Thank you Daniel.”


Melbourne, Victoria

Who is This Workshop for?

This workshop is suitable for anyone who is dealing with ongoing digestive conditions, diabetes, fatty liver, weight problems, sluggish metabolism, inflammatory conditions, IBS and reflux/heartburn.


Friday 5 Nov

7– 8pm (1hr)

Welcome & Introduction
Opening Meditation

Saturday 6 Nov

7.30 – 8.15am (45min)

Optional Morning Yoga & Breathwork with Dr Arun Dhir

2.00-3.00pm (1hr)

Mindfulness & Healing with Daniel Cerny

3.30-4.30pm (1hr)

Healing vs Treatment with Dr Arun Dhir

Sunday 7 Nov

7.30 – 8.15am (45min)

Optional QiGong & Meditation with Daniel Cerny

2.00-3.00pm (1hr)

Gut Health – Turning Knowledge into Transformation with Dr Arun

3.00-3:30pm (30min)

Meditation with Dr Arun Dhir

3.30-4.30pm (1hr)

Practical Mind-Body Tools with Daniel Cerny

4.30 – 5.00pm (30min)

Closing Thoughts and Actions with Dr Arun Dhir & Daniel Cerny
Incl. Q&A
Daniel Cerny

Daniel Cerny

BHSc(Nat), AdvDip(Nut)

Daniel is a clinical naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist. He is also an experienced restorative yoga teacher, and a mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), acceptance commitment (ACT) and mindfulness-integration cognitive behavioural (MiCBT) therapist.

Daniel’s diverse skill set, along with his commitment to an evidence-based approach, imparts a profound therapeutic formula for optimal health and wellbeing, which includes therapeutic nutrition, mindful living strategies and lifestyle counselling.

Dr Arun Dhir portrait

Dr Arun Dhir

Surgeon, Health & Wellness Advocate

Dr Arun Dhir is a prominent Gastrointestinal surgeon, yoga and meditation teacher. His higher purpose involves bridging Eastern and Western modalities of healing. He is a health reformist and is a passionate educator. He writes and speaks regularly on these concepts that are reflected in his work Happy Gut Healthy Weight (Balboa Press 2018), “Creating a New You – Health Journal” (Metagenics 2019), and Your Mess Has a Message (Amazon 2021).

How much does it cost?


Refunds Policy
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Your guide to Whole Health, Wellness and a Purposeful Life.

Our intention is to unlock the innate healing abilities of the body to create peak health and healing of chronic diseases, some of which modern medicine does not have a cure for.  A companion book to the Gut Healing Workshop. Download this free e-workbook for starting your journey from information to transformation.

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Disclaimer: The Gut Healing Workshop focuses on recalibrating and balancing the inner environment. Some clients may need to continue to take help of medications for extended periods of time, depending on the severity of their medical condition. Our intention is to integrate the radical wellness program with any ongoing medical treatment that our patrons may require, under the supervision of their medical practitioners. The program is an integrative approach rather than an exclusive approach, that is based on safe, professional and an evidence based approach to health and wellness. We urged our patrons to not suspend, discontinue or alter any medical treatment without the recommendation of their medical practitioners. Dr Arun Dhir, his associates, team members and partners will not be liable for any harm, injury or loss arising out of this.